Why you must visit Naivasha West Beach Camp during the World Rally Championship

After nineteen long years, rally enthusiasts in Kenya will finally get to enjoy the adrenaline rush and everything nice that comes with the WRC safari rally edition. All traffic will be heading to Naivasha to have a taste of the annual event that was last held in 2002.

Regarded as one of the toughest routes, the Kenyan edition of the world rally championship will be graced in Naivasha come June. Getting accommodation in and around the town during the four-day event will be a formidable task without proper planning. Hotels and camping sites in Naivasha will be in high demand.

Naivasha west beach camp however has a lot of room to cater for you and your squad’s needs, here’s why it’s a must-visit;

Ample Accommodation

Unlike other tented camps in Naivasha, Naivasha west beach camp boasts of a variety of room types all equipped enough to cater for your needs. Whether travelling alone or along with a group of friends, the perfect room will be available.

Ranging from a standard single room, an eight-man dorm room and a top-notch executive cabin room, getting the perfect play to lay after a tiresome day cheering won’t be an unsettling task. Do you have your camping gear with you? Worry not, there’s a special package just for that.


Getting accommodation that fully caters for your recreational needs is utterly important. It reduces the need to travel in and out of the hotel to have fun. Since the rally championships take four days, it’s understandable to yearn for a day off to stay indoors. 

Should it come to that, the Naivasha west beach camp has a myriad of fun-filled activities that can keep you busy throughout the day. You can sunbathe by the swimming pool after taking a deep while enjoying the sight of monkeys playing around.

The grounds offer the perfect spot for a team-building exercise with a bunch of friends. After nightfall, you can have a wonderfully lit campfire while talking or dancing the night away.


Just adjacent to Lake Oloiden, an early or late evening boat ride around the minute lake will come in handy. You will experience a one of a kind aqua life that encompasses both the plant and animal life found on the lake. The peaceful lake will surely help you unwind from a busy day on dusty roads.

Exemplary Food

Naivasha boasts of a rich food culture unlike anywhere else in the country. Fresh cuisine at the Naivasha west beach camp is unlike many camping places in Naivasha, professional chefs are ever-present to prepare mouthwatering delicacies served in true Naivasha hospitality.

All this goes without saying that Naivasha west beach camp is one of the most affordable accommodation anywhere in Naivasha. With packages suited for all budgets, then you and your family or group of friends can have top tier fun on a budget. Just like the rally, make sure that your 

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