How to Plan Your Camping Trip in Naivasha

Planning and executing a successful camping escapade can sometimes prove to be a daunting task, especially for camping newbies. The process however becomes easier and more exciting with experience.

The magic of camping and the outdoors charms beats any other form of excursion. This narrows down to the thrill and atmosphere that comes before, during and after the camping exploits. Camping in Naivasha is a brilliant example of all the said emotions. Ever found yourself at a crossroad when planning your camping trip? Here is a guide on how to go about it.

Timing is Essential

Weather plays an integral role in making your camping experience successful or total shambles. A great camping adventure won’t be one mulled by violent rainfall but the rather blossoming sun.

Timing also revolves around key factors like school or public holidays. If you’re in for intimate camping exploit, camping before such a rush would be a perfect idea.


The result of any camping escapade is massively reliant on your destination choice. While it’s agreeable that there are probably lots of camping sites near you, not all meet your camping requirements.

Perhaps you need a facility ample enough for six or a myriad of other amenities to make your excursion more memorable. Tented camps in Naivasha are coming out as perfect destinations housing whatever a camper would need.

Reserve your Campsite

After searching for “places to stay in Naivashaorhotels in Naivasha and finally settling on your favorite camping ground, reserving your spot would be a welcome task. Booking it ahead of schedule ensures your camping experience starts immediately you set foot on the grounds.

Doing so on the D-day can be a tiresome task. No one enjoys moving up and down with registration papers after long hours on the road.  A camping site with an online reservation would be perfect.

Other often forgotten but important tasks include getting your camping gear ready and daily camping activities checklist well in advance. Saves you and you’re crew the hustle that comes with brainstorming on what to do during camping.

Planning to go camping soon? Camping in Naivasha would be a good place to start. Tented camps in Naivasha are changing the camping atmosphere far and beyond.  

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